Sample Wedding Videos

City: Mission Viejo, CA
Venue: Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club
True Beauty. Inside and out. Genuine, kind, fun, and incredibly photogenic. This couple was an absolute joy to shoot. And wait til you get to the party! When we get to shoot a wedding where the dance floor is always full, I never want to leave. If this wedding didn't end with a sparkler exit, you get the feeling they'd dance until sunrise.
City: Temecula, CA
Venue: Faulkner Winery
Normally the "thumbnail" image of a couple is something beautiful, or often romantic in some way. But when I received copies of this couple's favorite wedding photos and saw this gem of the cake smashing, I immediately knew it "fit" the fun vibe of this wedding couple, their bridal party, and the entire day.
City: Santa Monica, CA
Venue: Shutters on the Beach Hotel
They say that a wedding is "the best day of our life", right? We've all heard that. But when we get the opportunity to shoot a couple's wedding and while in the middle of filming it we have tears rolling down our own cheeks, we know that for this couple that statement isn't just something nice to say, but that it's the honest truth.
City: Santa Monica, CA
Venue: Shutters on the Beach
California in August can be very warm, but on the beach, it's always beautiful. Same venue as Sydney & Brian, but as you can see every wedding, regardless of the venue, is a unique and beautiful experience.
City: Mission Viejo, CA
Venue: Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club
This video is more than 4 years old but still an amazing story. Not a dry eye in the house during The Vows. And what a surprise at the end! Because we don't "choreograph" our couples to do stuff for the camera, it's an exhilarating feeling to capture raw emotion and fun when it happens naturally.
City: St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Venue: Caneel Bay Resort
On the beautiful shores of The Virgin Islands. Need I say more. We''ve now shot this bride, her sister, and her sister's husband's sister's wedding. (Did you follow that?) This family always throws great parties. This beautiful wedding is a PERFECT example that you can have 15 people and still party like there's 150. When your guests are ready to party, numbers don't matter.
City: San Diego, CA
Venue: U.S. Grant Hotel
Such a great couple! Their "Signature Couples Video" can be found on our Signature Couples Video menu page and in this Highlight Video you'll get an exclusive look at the guest's reactions to that video.
City: Santa Susana, CA
Venue: Hummingbird Nest Ranch
One of my favorite venues in all of Southern California, there's not an inch of this place that wouldn't take your breath away. Top that with a great party and that's a perfect recipe for a great wedding video. I knew it was an epic party when there were people drinking shots out of the ice sculpture and it fell and crashed and everyone started cheering. So much fun!
City: Mission Viejo, CA
Venue: Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club
Ashley is a former San Diego Chargers Cheerleader as you'll hear in the hilarious toasts, Really great couple. Dance floor was packed the ENTIRE night! A great party like this makes our job so easy.
City: New York, NY
Venue: Tribeca Rooftop
New York!! My favorite moment was stopping traffic to let the couple walk about the streets of Manhattan. I may not like the Yankees, but I love this city! ;)
City: Long Beach, CA
Venue: Hotel Maya
It's always exciting shooting pro athlete's weddings. They're always so much fun. While the groom plays in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams, the moment the bride walks down the aisle you start to forget all that as you witness the love these two have had for each other since high school.
City: Sonoma, CA
Venue: Viansa Winery
These two incredibly gifted artists celebrated a love that, as they day transpired, you could only describe as profound. The fact that it was on a beautiful winery in Sonoma was an added bonus.
City: Santa Barbara, CA
Venue: Belmond El Encanto
Beautiful venue. Country Music. Awesome couple. Some would say that's the perfect recipe for a great wedding.
City: Beverly Hills, CA
Venue: SLS Hotel
It's always fun to find the rhythm of the music and allow it to fuel and edit. Often the missing link with other wedding videographers, Music is a huge part of what drives our videos...if you haven't figured that out already.
City: Santa Monica, CA
Venue: Fairmont Miramar Hotel
I love this family. They put on some of the best and most beautiful weddings. We shot the bride's sister's wedding too and the only thing that makes me sad is they've run out of sisters.