Signature Couples Video

Our Signature Addition

There's a reason I consider this my Signature video. This is what I do best! Your guests will NEVER expect to see something like this. It's Your Story meets SNL. Guests always go NUTS watching these at a Reception. Not just because they're heavily intoxicated (although that doesn't hurt, HA!), but because by that time of night they're ready to party! Watch the video(s) below and just imagine the fun we can have telling YOUR story.

Live Reaction at a Wedding

Sample "Signature Couples Videos"

(Below - 2014) This couple met at a barbershop. Later he saw her dancing on a bar. Enough said. Our Signature "Re-enactments" are ALWAYS included!
(Below - 2018) This couple met at work so we went to their work and re-enacted exactly how it went down. Well, my version anyway. We also threw in a Rihanna and Jay-Z Music Video just for fun.
(Below - 2018) She's a big Justin Bieber fan. He wasn't. But he loved her and love makes you do crazy things sometimes. Oh the fun we had with these Re-enactments.
(Below - 2017) They met at a gym. Imagine the fun we had re-enacting that! She's a former NFL cheerleader and they loved to break out in dance in random places. No shortage of fun with this couple!

This ain't your typical slow, tame "slideshow". It’s our Signature addition to any Wedding Package.

Price includes the use of our Professional HD projector & 80”-wide projector screen!!!

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