Lindsey & Thad

Oh. My. God!!! The video just completely surpassed all my expectations. THANK YOU!!! I just showed my parents and mother in law and they just about died! Seriously just amazing. Made us feel like movie stars!! :) With Thad now serving overseas in Afghanistan, I watch the wedding video ALL the time (like… once every couple days) haha and catch something new about it every time. Also, every time any family or friends come over to the house, my dad insists they watch it haha it's definitely a big hit. So Thank YOU for making such a great video. It will definitely be treasured for our whole lives. :)

Meagan & Oby

Pictures are wonderful, but nothing beats seeing wedding videos of my aunts and uncles when they were “young”. I was really excited when I stumbled upon ABHA. We met with Jamie and were impressed with his knowledge, commitment, and passion for his craft. We decided to book him on the spot – which was by far the BEST decision we made concerning a vendor for our ENTIRE wedding process. They never interfered with our wedding but somehow caught all of the best moments of it. Now to the best part, the video!!! We are in love with it! My husband and I have watched it countless times and we have had to order more copies because so many family members want a copy after watching it! It's priceless. I am so grateful that we hired Jamie. He was by far the best choice for the job. I'm sure you will have the same experience, I've recommended them to everyone!


Chelsea & Kellen

Our video is just incredible!!! It is a perfect mix of all the unbelievable love in my life mixed with the craziness that also follows. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to watch it again this weekend with all my family and the wedding party.I literally cannot stop watching the video. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Donna & Dave

IT'S AMAZING!!!! :D I think I've watched this thing probably 30 times already. Got me all teary eyed. We are showing it to our families when we see them. Dave and I both agree you're kind of a genius. Thanks for such an awesome video. We really did have the best wedding ever! And after watching the video, I definitely agree that having the cocktail hour before the wedding ceremony is the way to go. We got lots of laughs during the vows :) Again, if you ever want to use me as a reference, I would be more than happy to give an awesome review. (My response: "Done!" :)

Avi & Jack (2012)

Avi & Jack

Such amazing work you have done on our wedding. We are tough critics when it comes to art, and you surpassed our expectations.

We are over the moon, OVER THE MOON, really, regarding our highlight video...and full video, was, AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! We've been watching it on the bluray, and it's seriously nothing short of a spectacular extravaganza! Haha!!

Thank you guys sooooo much for this wonderful gift! We loved our videos and can't thank you enough -- everything in the video was perfect... the funny things you captured, the fades, the music, all the transitions, all the shots, I would not change a single thing about it.

It's perfect perfect perfect!

Lauren & Jonathon (2012)

Lauren & Jonathon

Oh my goodness!!!!! It is SOOOO AMAZING!!!!! We LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much Jamie for making that for us! We couldn't stop and watched it over and over again! So excited to share it with our family and friends. We are so grateful to you!!!!! This is going to sound crazy...but can we get 60 copies?! :) Love it!!!

Sharon & Ivan

I just finished watching the highlight clip and I absolutely LOVE it!! You did such an awesome job =) But thanks for going above and beyond. We truly appreciate it!

We were both so pleased with how the video turned out and are so appreciative of the extra work you put in to make it even more personal. Sharon and I had hemmed and hawed about hiring a videographer; in hindsight, though, we're grateful that we ended up doing so.

Jamie, you could not have been any easier to work with and we'd recommend you wholeheartedly for any of our friends getting married in Southern California.

Kim & Tuan

Something about myself: "PICKY" I'm very detailed when I choose my vendors and so I expect a lot from my vendors but I don't mind paying a decent price for it. Here are the reasons why you should go with ABHA: 1) Jamie drove down to where I lived to meet up (which was an hour away from where he lives). 2) He was early to all of our meetings and on our wedding day 3) Jamie would go out of his way during the wedding day to make sure everything was okay and going smoothly. Several times I thought "WOW, I'm glad I booked him!" Often for just something simple like moving my dress over to another room but things I didn't expect from a normal videographer. 3) His turn-a-round time was great and he kept us updated at all times 4) You can TRUST him! 5) My weddding was basically all in Vietnamese. He had no problem putting the video together and WE LOVE IT!!!

Salvador L

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Dude, the Highlight Video is off the hook!!!! We are more than satisfied with your work. In the family there's going to be a quinceanera and we're going to show your video so that you get more business.

The music synchronized well. There were transitions that went according to the beat. If I had to scale you on a 1-10...I would give you a 100! I don't think I've seen a well put together video like this one. The angles and imagery were as if you and the photographer were choreographed. Thanks man!

Scott & Michelle

We just watched our video from our wedding in July and what an unbelievable experience to relive! Jamie made it so personal, so intimate, and so professional that we could not be happier with our decision to hire a videographer.

It was like being there all over again, but experiencing it from the outside! We missed so much because we were pretty preoccupied, so it was really neat to watch it and have the audio to really capture the moments. This is something we will cherish forever, and be able to share our wedding with our kids someday.

That to me is priceless.

Jamie put it to music - to our favorite songs - and just did a superb job with capturing the whole event!

Nicole H - Our First Wedding Ever in 2007

There was just something that the video captured in movement that still photography is unable to replicate.

The clearest example is the COMPLETELY MAGICAL shots you got from during the photography session in front of the church. The way you edited those shots together, WOW, slowing down the glance of Jordan (our flower girl) and even my glances. I'm telling you, I felt like a princess or a movie star watching that.

I think you were very flattering to me and I really appreciate you making me look so good on my big day. Kent and I are just SO pleased with your work.