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Multiple Pro Cameras Up to 4 Professional, Full Frame cameras keep your remote Guests engaged from start to finish.
Drone Intros Wow your remote guests with epic aerial shots that showcase the scope and beauty of your wedding venue.
Professional Audio Up to 7 wireless mics to cover ANY size wedding. Whether your wedding is amplified or not, we got you covered.
Zero Internet Issues! We invested in Network Bonding Technology that's also used in Live News Broadcasts to combine multiple internet connections into one!
All Because He Asked vs. The Others This is our 14th year Live Streaming Weddings. Experience Matters! Why "take a chance" on someone new with an event as important as your Wedding?!
10-Time Award Winning Wedding Company "Best of The Knot" Award Winner for Wedding Videography (10 years in a row!) and proud member of The Knot Hall of Fame. See sample Highlight Videos.
Photography & DJ Options Lots of add-ons available including Professional Wedding Photography and an Amplified/DJ Setup!
Private Webpage We create a dedicated landing page for your Guests with photos of you two, schedule of events, and more! It looks awesome!

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to choose us for your LIVE stream
Bride with bridesmaids

Unrivaled Experience with Live Streaming Weddings Your Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Why "take a chance" on someone new to live streaming? Experience DOES matter with live streaming. One of the biggest advantages of using All Because He Asked is our experience. We’ve shot over 700 weddings in 17 years from all over the world and have been live streaming weddings for 14 years! That’s longer than most companies have been in business! Due to the onset of Covid-19, there will be many videographers popping up offering live stream. Many of them will do it well. But there are many "what if's" when it comes to live events. What if the DJ's sound system fails? What if the venue has limited or no internet? The unexpected is what we plan for. We’ve won the “Best of The Knot” award for Videographers in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County and San Diego for 10 straight years and are a member of The Knot “Hall of Fame” and if you Google anything related to Live Streaming Weddings in Southern California, you’ll see our names right at the top of every listing. See THIS POST for more on why experience matters when it comes to live streaming.

Newly Engaged Couple

Multiple Internet Sources at EVERY Venue! All Because He Asked has invested in the very best live streaming video encoders and network bonding technology to stream your Wedding live from almost anywhere! We use same technology that live news uses allowing us to stream from even the most remote locations with little to no internet access. You might think "I can just use my hotspot on my phone, right?" Well, what happens if your phone doesn’t get great coverage there, or the signal gets congested at the wrong time? Cell phone speeds fluctuate like crazy and that can put a strain on your video feed leading to dropped frames, buffering, or frozen video. That's why we used a device that can COMBINE the speeds of a wired internet connection with a wireless hotspot as well as a 4G modem from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T all at once! It's amazing! Never trust a single hotspot with something as important as your Wedding! We run extensive tests AHEAD of time to ensure your live stream will look and sound great from even the most remote wedding locations!

Newly Engaged Couple Kissing

Multiple Cameras + Drone Intros + More! Imagine your live stream begins with an epic aerial shot of your beautiful location, seamlessly transitioning to the music of your Processional as you and your family and friends walk down the aisle followed by full HD live streams with crystal clear audio capturing every moment. I think your guests will appreciate the extra attention to detail we provide. You might have had plans for whoever is watching to be there with you guys live. So at the very least you want them to be engaged and see and hear your Ceremony loud and clear so they can feel like they were truly a part of it. That’s our job. With our options below we’ve got you covered.

Engagement Session Kissing on Beach

RELIABILITY: Unmatched Reliability = Peace of Mind. Weddings can be unpredictable sometimes. But when it comes to live streaming, we plan for everything so that there are no surprises. Your DJ's sound goes down? We got you covered? Internet service at your venue not that great? We'll take care of that for you. How many other companies will run tests ahead of time AT YOUR VENUE?! It's all part of our package. As the owner of the company, I personally haven’t missed a single wedding in 17 years of filming weddings. And I’m not about to now. We’re a family company. We're not going to send a random group of people to your intimate wedding. From start to finish, everything we do is personal.

Bride in her dress at a Window

Broadcast Quality Video & Audio Sure you could use a webcam or a cell phone, but I’d feel bad for your guests. See THIS POST for more on that topic! But I don’t think you would be looking into this if you didn’t think that the quality we provide would be so much better for your guests watching remotely. The cameras we use are top of the line cinematic, full frame cameras and the sound your guests will hear while watching live is all professionally captured using multiple wireless mics. We're equipped to handle ANY size wedding from an intimate gathering to a large scale wedding with musicians, etc. and using our Network Bonding technology our streams will look and sound better than anyone else from even the most remote locations.

Live Stream Packages
Starting at only $1800

Includes all of the following:

The All Because He Asked Team – Experience Matters. You’re getting a team with 17 years of Award Winning Wedding Videography experience creating over 700 wedding films and 14 years of wedding live stream experience.

Multiple Cameras (2-4 Available) – The same cinematic, top of the line, full frame cameras we use to film all our Weddings that you see on our site. Our base package includes TWO cameras, but if budget allows, we HIGHLY recommend adding a 3rd camera for a number of reasons (see our Live Stream FAQs below on why adding a 3rd camera is one of the best upgrades you can make for your remote guest's viewing experience.) We offer up to 4 cinematic, full frame cameras for each live stream all without adding additional team members to keep your wedding less "crowded".

Your Ceremony Streamed in HD to UNLIMITED Guests – From Processional to Recessional. Whether that's 5 minutes or 85 minutes, our package covers your Ceremony Only, streaming to an UNLIMITED number of guests anywhere in the world. Need additional coverage beyond your Ceremony? No problem! See our "Add-Ons" below!

Pre-Event Day Testing at the Venue in Person – While most companies will "assume" they can live stream from virtually anywhere, when networks speeds are in question we travel** out to your Wedding Venue prior to your Wedding Day and do extensive testing in person to make sure your stream has the speeds necessary to look and sound good from start to finish. Why leave your big day up to "chance"?

MULTIPLE Hotspots Combined! aka. Network Bonding Technology – We have a device called a "network bonding encoder" that allows us to maximize the internet speed at almost any venue by combining multiple wifi signals, cellular hotspots, or hard wire connections in order to push out a high quality video and audio stream. Even if your venue has no internet or wifi, in most cases our gear can still make it happen.

No Ads! – Imagine the couple leans in for the big first kiss and...a car commercial. Yeah, no thank you. While most other companies use a free service that requires ads, we don't. Our package includes ad-free viewing for your guests.

No Issues with Licensed Music! – Couples don’t often think about this, but licensed music is often a big part of the processional and recessional and there's a chance the live stream or replay can be muted or blocked by some live stream platforms, depending on the song or artist's restrictions. So we test everything and if there's issues, then we have ways to get around almost all of them so you can use whatever music that YOU want for your wedding when streaming live!

Crystal Clear Audio – Whether your Ceremony is amplified or not, we got you covered. Your package includes the use of our multiple professional wireless mics to capture and stream your officiant, you and your loved one's vows, and any music played loud and clear. Need an amplified mic/speaker setup so your guests there in person can also hear everything loud and clear? No problem...we actually HIGHLY recommend that, even for weddings with only a few guests. See our "Add-ons" for more!

Your Own Dedicated Private Web Page – We provide a custom landing page for just your live stream giving your viewers easy access to the wedding. We create your page when you book with us so you can send your guests your link which will have your embedded video, photos of you two, an "optional" live chat for your guests to comment during the Ceremony, a schedule of events for your big day, and even a help section if your guests have questions.

Same-Day Replay! – Let’s say your guests have internet trouble from wherever they’re at, or they missed your wedding entirely. Not to worry. Our livestreams are ready to view all over again once we go off-air. And we have a backup plan in place if there are any issues at all. We record every live stream so we can re-post it if needed, so your guests can watch it all over again and not miss a thing.

Digital Copy of Your Ceremony (RE-MASTERED!) – After your Wedding is complete, instead of just giving you a copy of the live stream, we take the higher quality RECORDED footage from all of our individual cameras and completely re-edit your entire Ceremony and do a complete re-mix of the sound as well so everything is JUST RIGHT. We then export this new Digital Master copy of your FULL Ceremony as well as any other "Main Events" that you add onto your package (eg. First Dance, Cake, Toast) and send that to you to keep forever.

“Optional” Features Included at No Extra:

If YOU create a slideshow (video or photo), WE can use it as a Pre-Roll or Post-Roll to the Live Event.

Post Ceremony Thank You! – If you want, we can pull you guys together at the very end to say hi and thank you to all those watching.

Live Chat! On your live stream landing page that we create for you, we can add a live chat so your guests can all interact and leave comments for you two while watching live! We then save the live chat for you to see later on.



Additional Cameras: $200/camera – Using both wired and wireless transmission with zero delay, adding a 3rd or 4th camera to your live stream will allow us to see close-ups of BOTH of you during your vows and also add some cinematic movement to your stream! The small financial investment makes a big difference when it comes to your Guests Experience. See the very first Live Stream FAQ below for more on the ADVANTAGES that adding a 3rd or 4th camera give you!

Drone Intro & Ending: $150 – Nothing wows your remote guests like showcasing the beauty of your venue from the sky at the start and end of your live stream. They'll NEVER expect it. Part of what you are providing your guests is the “experience” they’d have as if they were there. While nothing can replace actually being there in person, allowing your guests to take in the beauty of the venue from the sky with an epic intro to your live stream gets you one step closer to that feeling like they were there in person. We also use this as an outro at the end of the live stream while your recessional music plays to remind people of just how beautiful your Ceremony location was.


Additional Post-Ceremony Coverage: $300/hour – Our basic package covers your Ceremony from the Processional to Recessional. But let’s say you want us to cover additional formalities or "main events" like a first dance or cake cutting or some toasts. We absolutely can! Whether it's live streamed or not the rate is the same. For additional coverage of the day that's NOT considered a "Main Event" (eg. pre-ceremony coverage, getting ready coverage, first look, cocktail hour, guests, details, dancing) please refer to our Live Stream FAQs below for those rates!

Photography: $400/hr (2-3 hour minimum) – Believe it or not, we are actually a Husband/Wife Video+Photo team that's shot hundreds of high end weddings all over the US! See our Live Stream FAQs below for more on this! Visit this WEBSITE to see TONS of examples of our photography style/work! We're located in Seal Beach. We have a 2 hour minimum for photography for any weddings within 30 miles of Seal Beach, and a 3 hour minimum for any weddings beyond 30 miles from Seal Beach.

Amplified Audio Setup: $200-$450 – If you're stressing about the cost of hiring a DJ just for your simple Ceremony, don't worry. Let us take care of the audio for you. We have a full DJ Speaker/Mixer/Mic setup options for you. A single DJ Speaker setup with mixer for music only (no mic) is $200. Need mic + stand + music so your guests in attendance can hear the Officiant and you loud and clear? We can handle that. It's $350 for the single speaker + mixer setup WITH a wired mic. It's $450 if you'd like a bigger 2-speaker + mixer setup WITH that wired mic. And we'll run it all for you. If you're planning a full dance party then you're probably better off hiring an actual DJ company like Vox DJ's. But if you need a great sounding audio set up for your Ceremony (+ Toasts/First Dance if applicable) and someone to play your processional and recessional music for you that'll sound great...we got you! NOTE: See our Live Stream FAQs below on WHY we actually recommend that couples amplify their ceremony whenever possible, even with little to no guests in attendance.

Basic TV + Stand Setup: $200 – We can provide a 40" TV and mobile stand for your Ceremony setup for whatever you want to show. This could be for a slideshow, or pre-recorded videos, or even for a post-live stream Zoom interaction (up to 30 mins). Just connect your laptop to our TV setup and you now have a nice big display to look at instead of a tiny laptop or phone screen.

Zoom/Interactive Setup: $450 – Take your wedding to the next level by including and interacting with your remote guests in your Ceremony Live Stream! Do you have a VIP guests or two that you want to actually PARTICIPATE in your Ceremony? We've found a way to route Zoom calls into our system and subsequently project that video and audio back out to you at your venue and your guests watching live online without any echo or feedback! Price includes our Basic TV + Stand Setup. See our Live Stream FAQs below and contact us for more!

PRE-Ceremony Coverage: See FAQs Below for Rates – Want us to cover your First Look or maybe your Getting Ready and include that in the final video (not live stream)? It all depends on the time and location. Check out our rates for pre-ceremony coverage in our Live Stream FAQs below!

Highlight Video / Additional Edited Content – Included in this package is a fully re-edited Digital Master copy of the "Main Events" that we film using the in-camera recordings. However, you may want additional coverage of you two and/or the venue and your guests as part of a larger and more cinematic, fully edited video. No problem! Or maybe you want a 3-5 minute Highlight Video of your Wedding Day! We got you covered! See the last three Live Stream FAQs below for more on this and contact us with any questions!


**Yes! We travel! See our Live Stream FAQs below for more!!!

*We film and Live Stream weddings all over the US! Contact us for our travel rates and secure your date today!

Live Stream FAQs
What is the ADVANTAGE of more than 2 cameras?
Our base package includes two full frame cameras but the single best upgrade you can make for any event is to add additional cameras. Your guests will thank you for it! For weddings, a 3rd camera gives us the ability to cut to reaction shots of each of you during the vows and throughout the ceremony which allows your guests to be more absorbed into the emotion of the ceremony. Adding a 4th camera allows us to use that camera on a gimbal for cinematic moving shots throughout the ceremony so your guests feel like they're watching a movie. With the 3rd camera, your guests WANT to see those reactions! Imagine watching a movie and the person makes a joke, its fun to see the reaction right? Got sentimental vows? The 3rd camera shows us the sweet, close-up reaction of your fiancé. With the 4th camera, we can get creative with movement, allowing us to capture the processional and recessional more cinematically and also give you awesome wide shots of your ceremony space throughout. The relatively low cost of adding additional cameras is worth every penny as the additional angle keeps viewers engaged and the retention level for your views goes way up. We highly recommend adding additional cameras for the best coverage. It's almost essential at any size Church that a 3rd camera is added because we can't pick up and move the cameras around as easily to get each of your close-ups during the vows. We shoot ALL of our full, all day weddings with 3-4 cameras. So that's our "normal" way of capturing Ceremonies. The choice is yours and we're happy to talk with you more about what would work best for your wedding at your specific venue.
Do you guys offer coverage of other parts of our day and is a Highlight Video possible?
Yes. Please check out the last 3 FAQs below. :)
Do you offer a single camera package?
When Covid hit, the wedding and live eventt world scrambled to adjust to the new reality of live streaming. For us, 2020 was our 9th year live streaming and we sat atop Google's search results so business immediately took off. We immediately spent $8000 on the best possible live stream equipment allowing us to reliably stream from virtually anywhere in a way that other companies hadn't yet dreamed of. We started off by offering a single camera live stream package but within a few months we realized the HUGE advantages to streaming with multiple cameras. Seeing the bride come down the aisle AND the groom's reaction was just one of many reasons why we soon decided to drop the single camera option and offer only the multi-camera experience to our couples. Why? Because it was so much better. This now ensures that ALL of our couples are getting a great package no matter what options they select.
Do you travel outside of Southern California and if so, what are your travel rates?
YES! While the vast majority of our events are in beautiful Southern California, we've filmed and also live streamed events all over the country. From professional athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA and US Olympics to those in all areas of the Entertainment Industry, we've covered weddings of all sizes. Over 17 years, we've traveled to Napa, NYC, Seattle, Wyoming, Texas, Connecticut, Alabama, Long Island, Massachusetts, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands and more! We've been all over the map for our Weddings! You get us there and we'll take care of the rest! :) See our breakdown of travel rates within Southern California by visiting our TRAVEL FEES page.
How many hours does your package above cover?
The package above isn't really an "hourly rate". The base package you see above covers just your Ceremony from processional to recessional. Ceremonies that are 5 minutes long are the same rate as Ceremonies that are 85 minutes long since they both require the same amount of preparation and care and attention to detail. Ceremonies longer than 90 minutes have a slightly different rate so please let us know if you plan on having a Ceremony that long. And yes, for Weddings you can ABSOLUTELY add additional coverage (live streamed or not) of other "main events/formalities" like a First Dance or Toasts or Dances w/ Parents or Cake Cutting using our add-on hourly rate above! Many of our couples have us stay to film their first dance or toasts! Once a couple's Ceremony has ended, any additional "main event" coverage, no matter how long or how short, will fall under that additional hour rate. If you're interested in having us film other parts of your day that are not "main events" then Contact Us for those rates! All Because He Asked is the most experienced and reliable live stream wedding film company in Southern California with over 17 years of Wedding Videography experience all over the US and over 14 years of live streaming weddings! Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. There will likely be other companies that will offer packages for less, but there's risks in hiring someone with limited live stream experience (specifically with weddings). See our next FAQ for more on this!
We found someone else who can live stream for less. Why should we choose you?
There is not a single wedding videography company on the entire West Coast with as much experience live streaming as we have. Remember this...this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You are more than welcome to take a chance on someone who is new to live streaming. There's a good chance they'll do it well. But...we've been through so many "learning experiences" over the 17 years filming weddings and 14 years streaming weddings that no one will be better prepared for the "what if" factor that live events often present. What if the DJ's feed goes down or has issues? What if the venue's wifi or a single cellular hotspot suddenly has issues? What if we want to see the bride come down the aisle and also see the groom's reaction at the same time? What if there's no amplification and we need multiple mics for officiants, vows and musicians or even multiple guest speaker? And does the other company test the venue's network connectivity prior to the wedding day? We can offer one thing that almost no other wedding company can offer...a proven track record of multiple years of RELIABILITY with our live streams. Many companies are starting to offer live streaming services because of Covid and most of them will probably do it well. But we've been live streaming weddings and other events since 2011 and there are MANY reasons why experience matters specifically when it comes to RELIABLY streaming a wedding live. Take one look at THIS BLOG POST and decide for yourself if you'd rather take a chance and save. Sometimes peace of mind is worth a little extra.
Do you just use a hotspot for your internet to live stream?
Nope! We've invested thousands of dollars into the very best "Network Bonding" technology in order to live stream your event from almost anywhere. We use more than just a single hotspot for our live streams. We have a dedicated hardware video encoder capable of combining (or bonding) multiple hotspots plus other internet sources together for one robust/reliable internet connection. While most people streaming live will use a single hotspot to live stream, that might work, but we go several steps further to ensure your stream doesn't freeze up or buffer when those wireless hotspot speeds inevitably fluctuate. We can take a wired internet source, a 5G wifi hotspot, a 4G LTE Verizon modem, a 4G TMobile modem, a 4G AT&T modem and combine all those sources into one super speed internet connection. That way if one starts to struggle, the others take over. Network bonding is truly amazing technology! Why leave your live stream up to chance?
Can you fly a drone during our ceremony as one of your cameras?
Yes. We can actually take the live feed from our drone and run that into our switcher as one of your cameras. BUT...we don't recommend it for Weddings. Yes, it's cool. But honestly, during a ceremony as quiet as a Wedding a drone sounds like a pack of angry bees and that level of distraction might not be worth the one or two cool shots you'd get during a quiet, intimate ceremony. So we usually use our drones before the ceremony and incorporate that footage into the opening of your live stream so your guests can see the full scope of your venue's beauty.
What platform do you guys use to stream your weddings and is it private?
After extensive testing, we've found that YouTube Live gives our viewers the best experience all around. All of our live streams are "unlisted" unless you'd like them public by request. Unless we're streaming an event that you'd like on a public webpage, we usually make it so that only those with the direct link will be able to view them. People often ask us, do you use Zoom? Makes sense given the popularity of Zoom during the pandemic. The reason we don't is because YouTube Live looks and sounds MUCH better and is more reliable. We're kinda picky about that. For Weddings, we recommend you leave the big Zoom interactive gathering to after the Ceremony is over. That's a great time to jump on a scheduled meeting (we can add the meeting link if you'd like onto your live stream landing page) and share in the celebration with everyone who will have just watched your Ceremony live. Zoom is generally reliable but sometimes their servers can get overwhelmed due to how many people are using it globally resulting in them lowering the resolution of the video for large group meetings/events. Glitches aren't a big deal for a family meeting, but for a wedding or graduation or memorial we value quality and reliability above everything else. And finally, when the event is over, and the stream has ended, YouTube will encode and repost the replay of the video within moments so if your guests missed it they'll be able to see it right away. That's a huge plus!
We want to book you guys...what's next and is there a contract or deposit?
Contact us today with details about your event and what options and upgrades you're interested in and we'll send you a questionnaire to get all the details we need on our end. Also, we can set up a phone call to talk through everything in case you guys have questions that aren't answered here. Remember, these events are very personal to us. We're a family owned and operated Wedding Video + Photo company, not a big corporation that farms out random teams of people to our events. After we get all the info we need, we'll draw up a contract and have it sent your way to secure your date along with a 30% non-refundable deposit (the date is transferrable if needed, but only subject to our availability) with the remaining balance due on or before the wedding date. Venmo or check is preferred. We can accept credit cards, but there is a fee to pay by credit cards. No fee for paying via Venmo or check obviously.
What will our dedicated web page look like that our guests will see and when do we get that link?
It looks great! You get your own PRIVATE page with photos of you two, the embedded live stream video at the top that shows a countdown timer, plus a schedule of events below. We can even add a Live Chat at no extra cost to your landing page so your guests can interact during your Ceremony and leave comments for you. It's your page, custom built for YOU and YOUR wedding. And we can have that page up and ready for you to share with your guests the week you book with us. Couples are now putting their link on their invitations which is a great idea!
You offer PHOTOGRAPHY too?!
Yes!!! We are a Husband and Wife Videography and Photography team with more than 17 years of Wedding and Event Experience. Not only is Danielle (lead photographer) the wife of Jamie (owner of All Because He Asked and lead videographer), but her second shooter is also her identical twin sister! Did that make sense? You may wanna read that back again. :) There is NO obligation to use us for both video and photo, but I will admit that there's nothing like the ease and fun of shooting alongside those twins! Their rates are just $400/hour per photographer with a 2 hour minimum. That's the perfect solution for the shorter/modified wedding! See the twin's website (HERE) for TONS of examples of their work! NOTE: If you're booking a full/all-day wedding or coverage for more than 4 hours, you'll save a lot by moving up to our full wedding packages that include two photographers and 6, 8, or 10+ hours of coverage (as well as options for engagements shoots)! Contact Us for more!
Do you guys send a separate team to handle the wedding depending on location?
No! There are several companies out there that are based out of state and specialize in live streaming "events" where they'll hire out a team of people in various areas around the country to film the wedding and stream it. That's not us. How we are different is we are a full time wedding videography and photography team, that also happen to be a husband and wife team, and we travel all over the US and shoot weddings from the getting ready to the dancing at the end. We're not subcontracting unknown people to come to your wedding. With 17 years of wedding videography experience and 14 years of experience live streaming weddings, I can honestly say there is NO ONE that knows more about this than we do. And that's why we will be the ones there at your wedding.
After a Wedding is complete do we just get the raw footage of the video and photos?
You should expect more from us. We are a full scale wedding videography and photography company that shoots close to 40 weddings a year in some of the top locations in Southern California, Napa and NYC. It just so happens that we're also really, really good at live streaming weddings. We've built our business on going the extra mile for our couples. For weddings only, we give every couple a complete re-edit of the entire wedding using the in-camera footage with full sound remix so it looks and sounds its best. I'll bet a lot of companies just give you a copy of the live stream and call it a day. We know that the in-camera recordings are gonna be higher quality so isn't that what you'll want? So yeah, we fix it all up and re-edit it all to be "just right" and then give you that final edited digital master copy of your entire ceremony (and any other "main events" you have us film). And as for photography, you get the full gallery of photos, fully edited in a downloadable gallery. We edit them all, make them look awesome, and give them all over to you.
Is your team invasive and how well do you work with photographers?
We pride ourselves in capturing every moment of your Wedding without being invasive at all. And we love photographers! No really, we do! We've worked alongside the top photographers in all of Southern California in our 17 years of filming weddings at just about every high end venue in Southern California. Every wedding has a photographer and we usually end up being friends with them by the end of a full wedding day. We're all about teamwork. Photographers also love us because we're FAST, we respect their work, we're upbeat, professional, and most importantly, experienced. Nothing screams "inexperienced" like a video team that films your Ceremony from just a few feet away from you guys because they haven't invested in telephoto lenses. That's not us. We talk with your photo (and video if applicable) team to find out where they like to be for certain key moments and then together we find a way that we can ALL get everything we all need, in a non-invasive way. We recommend you contact your photography team and let them know that we'll be there live streaming alongside them.
Can you use Zoom to host our Wedding?
If you'd prefer, then yes we can. We are actually able to send our high quality live video/audio mix to Zoom IF you'd prefer to use that platform. Zoom is great for that extra level of interactivity since your guests can see each other and the delay is minimal (usually about 1/2 second). However, there are a couple trade-offs. Zoom can achieve only about 1/2-1/3 the quality/bitrate compared to our traditional live stream which goes through a dedicated CDN like YouTube Live where there might be a delay of several seconds. Because of the ongoing pandemic and the unprecedented demand of their servers, Zoom has occasionally limited the quality of large meetings to less than HD and about 1/3 the bitrate/quality we prefer to stream at. Additionally, Network Bonding is not possible when we use Zoom. Network bonding is the hardware technology we use to combine multiple internet sources (wifi/ethernet/cellular) into one strong signal so we can stream from remote locations where one internet source alone might not be strong enough. That is why most of our couples opt for a traditional live stream to a dedicated web page. But with us, at least you have the option! There is no additional fee for to us to use Zoom for your wedding however it is subject to acceptable network speeds at your venue. We do, however, offer the ability to incorporate your remote VIP guests into your Wedding Ceremony using Zoom while still streaming to a separate CDN for a Higher Quality live stream. See the next FAQ!
Can we interact with a remote guest (parent/grandparent) live during our Ceremony?
Yes! It took us several weeks to figure out how to make it work but we did it! It's actually FAR more challenging than we expected to live stream a Zoom call and then incorporate that interaction into the live stream mix as well as the PA system at your venue without hearing the echo or feedback but we figured it out. So yes, we do offer our new "Zoom/Interactive" add-on above where we can have select VIP members actively participate in your Wedding from thousands of miles away provided your venue meets the necessary bandwidth requirements to make it happen. Contact Us with your ideas and we'll tell you how we can make it happen!
Our ceremony is not amplified. Will our guests be able to hear us?
Absolutely. First and foremost we are a professional Wedding Videography company who has shot over 700 weddings. We have multiple wireless mics and several audio recorders which we can run into our A/V switcher so everything will look and sound great. Even if your Ceremony is NOT amplified, your guests watching at home will be able to hear every word. We do recommend having your Ceremony amplified though for a few reasons, even if there's little to no one in attendance. The reason is that then the music and audio all come through one feed and because a hand mic is directional it sounds great. Also, that leaves our wireless lav mics as "backups" and it's always great to have backups with live events, right? Another advantage of an amplified setup is that if it's windy the hand mic cuts down on wind by about 50% so everything still sounds clear. All that being said, if you don't want things amplified, no problem. We've got your audio covered. When it comes to live streaming, clear audio is actually almost more important than the video for keeping your viewers engaged. If you need a basic amplified speaker/mic setup, see our new "Amplified Audio Setup" in our add-on section above.
How long will the replay of our live stream and the live chat be available after the wedding is over?
At least a couple months, but likely much, much in a year or more possibly. Your video will be available within minutes following the end of your stream and will be there for a long time. When we're done re-editing your Ceremony in the weeks following your wedding, we'll often upload and replace the "live cut" with the "final cut" that uses the higher quality raw footage recorded in-camera, and involves fine tuning of all the audio and color grading, etc. Bottom line: we say it'll be there for "months" but months often turns into years. Plus you'll have the digital master copy/file for safe keeping. :)
Is the package above limited to only the Ceremony or can you film/stream additional "Main Events"?
We can cover anything you'd like. Our base Live Stream Only Package that you see above covers just the Ceremony no matter how short it is, all the way up to a 90 minute Ceremony (contact us if it's longer than that). From processional to recessional. It's the same rate for a short ceremony as it is for a longer one. And yes, we can absolutely film and/or live stream additional "Main Events" like a First Dance, and/or Toasts, and/or Dances w/ Parents, and/or Cake Cutting. We charge an hourly rate of $300/hour to film those additional "main events" and they will be fully edited and included (in their entirety!) in your Digital Master Copy (along with your Full Ceremony) that you get from us. For parts of the day that are not "Main Events" see the next FAQ below. If we are streaming additional "main events", we work with our couples on how to make that whole process a smooth transition for your guests watching remotely from home.
How much is it for you to cover non-main-events like Getting Ready, or a First Look, or shots of the Bride/Groom together after the Ceremony?
Although the Live Stream Only package was created for streaming "Main Events" only, it's understandable that many couples would like additional footage of their big day that's NOT live streamed like a First Look or video of the photo session of the couple alone. Our "normal" weddings consist of 10-12 hours of coverage from getting ready through the end of the night. But during the pandemic, these weddings are often much shorter but that doesn't mean you don't want some of the same coverage. So we'll price things out for you here and if this gets confusing, please contact us and we'll break it all down for you in more detail. If time/location permits*, we can add coverage (not streamed live) of other parts of the day that are not "Main Events" for the following rates: First Look Only - $150, Girls Prep (includes First Look if applicable): $400, Girls & Guys Prep + First Look (if applicable): $750, Coverage of the Couple Together (typically post-ceremony) during their photo session for up to 1 Hour : $150 (or free with the purchase of a Highlight Video...see next FAQ). These portions of the day will be edited into separate montages in your Digital Master Copy that you receive as part of your Live Stream Package. That also includes your FULL wedding Ceremony and any other "Main Events" (eg. first dance, toasts, cake) that we streamed re-edited and included in their entirety. These non-main-event portions (eg First Look, Getting Ready Coverage, the Couple's Photo Session Coverage) are usually not streamed live. Instead, we grab a bunch of shots of them as they happen and then edit those portions together in short 2-4 min montages (edited to music you select in a style similar to how our Highlight Videos look on our site). Couples often ask us, "Can you just grab a quick shot of the first look or some other portion of the day?"...and the answer is, yes, but we charge the same rate shown above whether we film just a few shots of these non-main-events or a full 2-4 minute montage worth of shots. For that reason, we usually choose the latter option. If you are interested in having us edit a separate 3-5 minute Highlight Video, then we include the "Coverage of the Couple Together during their photo session for up to 1 Hour" at NO EXTRA COST! See the next FAQ for the Highlight Video rates. *Our Live Stream set up takes 1.5-2 hours so we're only able to film other parts of the day IF we can still have time for our set up which typically requires one location only for anything BEFORE the Ceremony. Please contact us for rates on multiple locations for live stream packages.
How much is it if we wanted to get a short Highlight Video of our Live Stream?
We can absolutely make this happen! While the basic Live Stream Only package above includes a Digital Master copy of your Full Ceremony and any other "Main Events" we're asked to film (which we RE-EDIT after the wedding using the original, higher quality, in-camera recordings), some couples want an additional short video that recaps, or highlights, all the best moments of everything we shoot that day as well. Many companies call this something different, but we call it a Highlight Video. We have dozens of examples of our Highlight Videos on our HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS page. Those 7-9 min Highlight Videos you see on that page are all included as part of our larger and more "all-inclusive" full coverage Wedding Videography Packages where we cover everything from getting ready to the end of the night! Rates for adding a 3-5 min. Highlight Video to a Live Stream Only Package vary, but they typically start at $800 and go up from there depending on how many additional portions beyond a "First Look + Ceremony + Couple's Photo Session" we are hired to film. Approximately 1 hour of us covering the photo session/romantic shots of the bride/groom together are included at no extra when you opt for a Highlight Video! We ask that you let us know PRIOR to the Wedding if this is an option you are thinking of getting because, if selected, we'll want to shoot extra footage beyond your "main events". A lot more time goes into editing any additional videos compared to the amount of time we spend filming an event, so we charge accordingly. In general, we are able to keep our Live Stream Only packages at a reasonable price given our level of experience because there is limited post work beyond the "Main Events" that are streamed live. A one minute "Social Media" or "Instagram" Highlight Video is $400 alone or an extra $200 if you purchase a Highlight Video. If this was all really confusing, no worries, just contact us and we'll talk you through everything :)