Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are your packages/pricing info?

A: We price our packages about the same as a reputable/experienced photographer. We do this because our couples normally budget the same for both photo and video as they see them as equally important. Our prices are competitive with other videographers who share the same high level of experience and quality. We keep our packages and pricing straightforward and simple with no stripped down "bare bones" package, because it's important to us that each couple gets our very best work regardless of what package they choose. Everything we offer is "all-inclusive" with great non-invasive coverage, 3 cameras, 2 shooters, and unlimited hours. Yes, unlimited. And now we offer drone (aerial) coverage, our Signature Couples Video, and Live Streaming as additional options for your wedding. Contact us and we'll send you our current pricing options right away. Our relatively small team gives us the best coverage possible while being able to stay non-invasive. I always say, there's nothing a team of 4 or 5 videographers can get that I can't get by myself with just my two cameras that I carry around all day and a bit of creativity. Every single year we re-invest in all of our video and audio gear, opting for the very best cameras that specifically fit our style of shooting and editing. People often forget that capturing great audio is also a huge part of what we do. We have 4 wireless mics so that we're ready from anything from a simple outdoor wedding, to a major church service with a choir. We constantly re-invest in our own company to stay up to date with technology while maintaining what we believe is a fairly unique style of shooting and editing. Our couples come to us because the videos they see on our site move them, or speak to them in some way. We are no better than anyone else, just different. When we first started 10 years ago, we offered every kind of package for every kind of couple... from those that don't really care about a video, to those that wanted full coverage. Now, we only offer our best work. Something you'll love to watch over and over, and something we can be proud to share. There's more to a great Wedding video than just the Highlight Videos that you see on our site. We put the same care and detail into our full length videos that are included in every package as we do the Highlights. Contact us for detailed info on all our package options.

Q: Do you book more than one Wedding per day?

A: No. Your wedding is the single most important event to us and we will not spread ourselves thin or be distracted by another event. There is no other place we'd rather be than at your Wedding and it deserves 100% of our focus. We shot 46 weddings in 2014. That's plenty. Again it's quality over quantity.

Q: Do you guys do PHOTOGRAPHY as well, or just video?

A: Technically All Because He Asked specializes in only wedding videography. HOWEVER, I'm super excited that my favorite person in the world is now officially a wedding photographer! My wife (Danielle) and her twin sister recently launched their wedding photography and event planning business and I'm beyond excited for that. She's a fantastic photographer and has been my 2nd video shooter for years on destination weddings all over the country. And having worked with her and her sister recently at a wedding, it's like a dream come true to have her alongside us for the day. If you are looking for a photographer as well as a videographer, we'll gladly give you two options. I'd be happy to send you a list of 5 or 6 great photographers that we've worked with several times over the years and can vouch for them being really down to earth, nice people. That's what we love. Or, I can introduce you to my wife and her new site. Her rates are FANTASTIC for what she offers and what's even'll also see just how great of a deal you'll get when you combine her services with ours. As for style, I personally love her classic, vibrant style. But honestly style is so subjective, so it's up to you if you like it or not. And that's okay. To each their own. But if there's one thing I can vouch for, it's her as a person. I mean, I did meet the girl in High School, took her to senior prom, dated her for 10 years, married her, had 2 amazing little ones with her, and have watched others marvel at her natural beauty, selflessness, and magnetic personality all my life. I firmly believe she has the PERFECT fun and positive attitude for this business and I'm excited that she's finally gonna bring her great photography talents in to my world of weddings.

Q: How do you work with other photographers?

A: I love photographers. No really, I do. Ask any photographer that's worked with us and I think they'd say that we're really easy to work with. I think it's because we love what we do and it shows. We're generally happy, positive people and we want THEM to get every shot they want just as much as we want to get it too. Why? Because honestly their happiness (or stress) will rub off on you guys and while you can fake a smile for a photo, it's harder to do on video so we want YOU guys to stay happy and that often starts with your photographer being in a good mood too. It's crazy, I know, but fortunately most photographers are also happy people. Here's the thing...while a photographer might not work with a videographer at every wedding, there's not a single wedding in 10 years where we haven't worked side by side with a photographer. They are a staple of every great wedding. And fortunately, 99.9% of them are usually really great people. Some are outgoing and fun and some are more quiet, and some are strong and fast. We love em all! It also helps that our style is non-invasive. We've heard horror stories from some photographers about companies where the video guy was all up in the couples face DURING THE CEREMONY. Yikes! As if they didn't own a zoom lens! HA! Well, yeah, that's not us. Sure, we wanna get every shot from the best possible angle, but with experience we've found that you don't have to sacrifice comfort or invasion of your personal space to get it. To be non-invasive, and still get great footage, the videographer has to no only have a zoom lens ;) but he/she must also be fast and has to be able to take whatever the photographer does with the couple and create a video that makes it look like it was all un-choreographed and natural. That's easier said than done. But thankfully after 10 years, I can say with 100% certainty that we're just as fast as even the fastest photographers. And they love us for that. We don't stop the show and say "okay it's video time!" We let them do their thing, work with you guys all day long, and we're right there with them capturing it all. It's really a team effort. The vast majority of what you see couples doing in our videos was not set up by us. On rare occasions, we'll work with an inexperienced photographer where we might see their hesitancy or uncertainty and in that case we'll step in and do what we need to do to get you guys the footage and photos you'll love. But honestly, at our price point and with the weddings and locations we tend to shoot each year, most photographers have a great deal of experience and are able to run the show just fine so it's all good. Yes there are some times where the sun is setting and there's that one good angle we both want. So no big deal. We let them get it and then I'll jump in and grab it real quick right after. Again, we work as a TEAM. In the end, I think they love us because we're nice happy people, we appreciate and respect THEIR work, we're fast, and once we get talking with them they can tell that we're there so that each couple gets not only a killer video, but also great photos. If anything, tell your photographer to read this FAQ (or copy/paste it and send it to them) and maybe even tell them that photos AND video are really important to you so they know we'll be there working along side them every step of the way to get awesome photo and video coverage of your big day.

Q: Can you stream our Wedding LIVE online?

A: YES! It's awesome! All Because He Asked is one of the top live streaming Wedding Videographers for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Destination Weddings everywhere. What a great way to shorten your guest list or reach those people that can't make your Wedding from out of town. And let me just say this...we don't just open up a laptop and stream live using a little webcam. No, no, no. I've seen that and I was embarrassed for them because as I walked by and saw the people on the other end pressing their faces to the screen, I knew that those viewing couldn't see or hear a thing. We take it to a whole other level without being invasive. You will get your own dedicated private page on our site where friends and family near and far can watch every moment of your day unfold as it happens LIVE! We can customize a live stream package that fits the level of coverage you are looking for from a simple one camera stream in HD with the very best audio, to a full multi-camera immersive experience so the viewers at home are watching your actual wedding video being shot and edited live on-site with all the best coverage and sound...and we now even offer optional aerial coverage too! Why not?! The possibilities are endless. Granted, not everyone needs that level of coverage for their grandma watching back home...but we've shot for couples who have the majority of their families out of the country and this allows them all to attend live and even view it on their TVs at home in HD! Such an awesome feeling. Even if your venue is at a secluded church or outdoor location and you don't have a wired high speed connection, we now offer WIRELESS streaming too at NO additional cost! For more info on great addition, contact us today and ask us about this incredible opportunity!

Q: What is your style?

A: Almost an impossible question to answer. Our style is: Unique. Natural. Non-invasive. Sentimental. Fun. Real. That's our style...and we're proud of it! What do I mean by "real"? Simple: When you're done watching one of our videos you should know exactly what the wedding was like. Sounds simple... but to capture that beautifully, in detail, without being invasive and without choreographing our couples to do things for the camera is a challenge we embrace every weekend. There are so many truly fantastic videographers out there. We're just a company that loves what we do and likes to do things a little differently than others. I think you can tell by watching any one of our videos that music plays a huge part in the emotional through-line of our videos. It is the pulse that drives our videos. The power of music is often forgotten by other videographers as they depend solely on the visual. But that's why it's fun being a bit different. Through fluid movement and careful attention to detail, there's no aspect of your day that we won't catch. However, I believe that its the editing, not necessarily the cinematography, that makes up a great Wedding Video. A recent bride called us "video ninjas" because we are always stealthily "appearing" at just the right place at just the right time. It's taken 10 years and over 250 Weddings to get the experience we need to attain that ninja status so we are proud of it! :) So what is our style? In short...You can say we combine the CINEMATIC BEAUTY of a movie with the ACCURACY AND BALANCE of a DOCUMENTARY, all wrapped up in a unique editing style that brings out the richness of all the emotion, in order to capture the essence and feel of your unforgettable day. That sounds super fancy. Honestly, I think at the end of the day, being able to describe our style is far less important to our couples than the sheer fact that when they watch our videos it reaches them in a way that other videographers do not and that to me is what's most important.

Q: Do you do "SDE's" (Same Day Edits)?

A: A Same Day Edit is a very impressive way to show your guests at your Reception a glimpse of what went on earlier that day. While we "technically" can do same day edits, we don't because we specialize in something else that I sincerely believe is WAAAAAAY better. I firmly believe that not only is our "SDE alternative" way more entertaining, but it's a much better option in the long run too. I'm referring of course to our Signature Couples Video and there's nothing like it. You're probably thinking that by a "Couples Video" we mean it's gonna be some sort of sappy "love story" video of you two. Well, no not really. It's naturally sentimental at times, but honestly, it's geared to tell your story in a far more fun way. As for the Same Day Edit...yes, the SDE is impressive. People often go "wow, I can't believe that was shot and edited today". But it's shown at your party right? People wanna have a good time! So why not show a video that's not only equally impressive, but is FAR more entertaining, fuels the party instead of slowing it down, and most importantly, when all said and done, leaves you with an additional video that is totally different from your Wedding video (unlike an SDE) that your can share with friends and family for years to come. In conclusion, BOTH options are great options, but as cool as the SDE's are, they probably don't leave people standing on their feet laughing and cheering. And that's the typical reaction to our Signature Couples Video. And remember, the Reception is the PARTY! Check out our Signature Couples Video page for samples. Finally...and here is the best part...we've shot every couple and their guests watching the videos live at their reception and we are currently putting together a video of these live guest reactions during the viewing of the actual Couples Videos from 2013 to 2017 so you'll soon see how much fun they can be. Coming soon!

Q: What is a "Signature Couple's Video"?

A: We've all been to weddings where a slideshow is shown or even a sentimental "love story" video. While those can be nice, they definitely don't fuel the party. So we decided to do something different. We are the only company that specializes in creating ENTERTAINING Couples Videos for your Wedding. Your Reception is a our Couples Videos compliment that and keep the PULSE of the party going. So what is it? Our Couples Video is quickly becoming our signature addition to any video package. See our new "Couples Video" page for more (including sample videos and more)! In brief, it's the entertaining alternative to the typical (and often boring) slideshow that you see (or sleep through) at a Reception. Using re-enactments, candid interviews, green screen special effects, or whatever else we need we TELL YOUR STORY in a way that will leave them literally cheering for more. Now when's the last time a slideshow did that? And this isn't a sappy video showing you guys walking down the beach hand in hand. No need to force the sentiment, that will come naturally in our videos, instead, we play up the FUN of your relationship and your history together. Wanna see an example? Sure! Check out our new Couples Video page for more info on this! More recent samples (and live guest reactions) coming soon!

Q: How many videos do we end up with?

A: Two. Each couple gets a "Full Length Video" and a "Highlight Video". You can see several examples or our Highlight Videos on our Sample Videos Page. They are 7 to 9 minutes on average and cover the best of everything from your big day from getting ready to all the craziness on the dance floor. They are driven by the pulse of the music that is chosen by us, from a list of songs you guys provide us after the wedding. After all, you gotta love the music in your own video right? And the second video is the Full Length Video which are edited with as much precision as our Highlight Videos. It covers all the "Main Events" in their entirety and more. The length obviously varies depending on how long all your main events are. They often feature multicam coverage of all the main events plus montages of the rest of the day edited in similar style to our Highlight Videos. While we realize that most people will watch their Highlight Video a lot more, it's still important to us that each couple receives a full video that is enjoyable to watch from start to finish. We'll gladly go into more depth on this if/when we meet up in person.

Q: What if we need more or less hours of coverage?

A: No problem! Our Complete Wedding Package does not put a cap on hours. One of the main differences between Photographers and Videographers is that photographers often charge by the hour. This makes sense since the majority of their work is completed on the day of the shoot. However, for a Videographer, when the event is over, our work has just begun. Even if your event is only 4 or 6 hours we often have another 50 or 60 hours of editing or more ahead of us. That is why our company often stays as long as it takes us to capture everything we need to make the best possible video at no extra cost to you. If you have more questions about your specific event, don't hesitate to contact us.

Q: Do you travel outside of Southern California?

A: Yes! Everyone loves to travel, right? Since 2013 we've shot in Rhode Island, Wyoming, Seattle, Cabo, Sonoma, New York and St. John in the Virgin Islands. Some truly amazing weddings. It just so happens that Southern California is already a destination wedding so most of our weddings stretch from San Diego to Santa Barbara and everywhere in between. Let us know where your Wedding is and we'll make it happen. We have just one must have an awesome wedding. You take care of that and we'll make sure your video reflects that awesomeness. Oh, and if it's a destination wedding and you have lots of guests that can't make it, ask us about our live streaming options.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: When it comes to how fast you get your video back, we make sure we stay in step with our competitors. Our turnaround times vary depending on the time of year. May-November months are generally much busier but we'll make sure that each individual couple gets their video when they need it. However, if you absolutely need it sooner, just let us know and we'll make it happen. That being said, we've always believed that NO Wedding video should ever be rushed just to meet a deadline. This is a lifetime memory so we want to make sure everything is perfect for you. For this reason, we don't really put time limits on how long you have us there shooting on your Wedding day. I've spoken to so many vendors at Weddings who say "I can't wait to get home." To some vendors, its just a thing they do to make a little money. A routine. For us, it's much more than that. It's personal. When we edit a Wedding, we never rush and we make sure that every moment is meticulously and carefully shaped to look and sound its best so that your video is enjoyable to watch from start to finish. I personally treat every Wedding Video as if it were my own.

Q: GENERAL TIPS - Photographers, DJs, Lighting, First Look vs. No First Look, etc.

A: After doing this for over 8 years, we've seen a lot of weddings. We started shooting very basic one-camera, one mic weddings and have evolved into a full-time 3 camera, 7 mic production always with a focus on capturing a wedding as naturally as possible without being invasive. But that doesn't mean that we stand off to the side not caring about what we do. We just know there's ways to get "the shot" without being all up in your face all day long. When I meet with couples, I'm always open to giving advice and suggestions on everything. I'll even suggest another videographer if I sense that it might not work out with us. You see I don't consider ANY videographer my "competitor". Instead they are simply another "choice". That's all. There are so many amazingly talented videographers in SoCal and some videos I watch and am floored at how incredibly beautiful their shots are. Really spectacular. But as an editor for 15+ years, I've always done things a little different. I'm pretty confident that no one edits their videos quite like we do. Our style isn't for everyone, but for those that love it, we're often a breath of fresh air and exactly what they've been looking for. It's fun being a little different. So what tips do I have after all these years? Well, without making this FAQ page too long I'll just touch on a few:

PHOTOGRAPHERS --- 99% of the photographers we work with are actually really great people. In fact, in 8.5 years of doing this we've only met one single photographer that we'd really rather never see again so I guess that percentage is more like 99.9%. Some are faster than others. Some more outgoing. Some more quiet. But when it comes down to it, we get along with all of them. Why? Four reasons: 1) We're happy people and we like working with others who are also happy, passionate people. Most egocentric, or unhappy vendors fortunately don't rise to the top so thankfully we don't run into that type too often any more. The VAST majority of wedding vendors we run into are great people. I think it's because couples often tend select companies that not only do great work, but also that are pleasant to be around and appear to work well with others. There's simply no reason not to be happy when you're doing what you love. 2) We don't like to choreograph our couples so we'll never say "okay, move over photographer its the videographer's turn" and take up their valuable time. Instead, they can do everything they want and we'll be right there with them getting it all as well. We are what I like to call "Professional Moochers." Hehe. To do this we simply had to become faster at shooting video than every photographer is at taking pictures. That took years. But we're there. You'll see. :) 3) The third reason is because we have a mutual respect for one another. We are not more important than they are, just as they are not more important than we are. 99.9% of photographers understand this and when they meet us, they know that we're both there for the same reason, to get great coverage of your wedding and allow everyone to have a great time. The photographers we recommend to our couples (ask us if you are searching) are based on the fact that they are great, happy, passionate people. Whether their work is "good" or not is completely subjective so I simply focus on them as people. Like I said, fortunately, most photographers are awesome people and if they shoot higher-end weddings like we do then they'll be used to videographers shooting alongside them and they will soon be very appreciative that we're not an invasive team of 4 or 5 "swarming" videographers. 4) The final important factor is experience. Remember, while we work a photographer at EVERY wedding, photographers don't always work with videographers at every wedding so one can understand that the inconsistency of shooting alone vs. shooting with another vendor right by you all day could be challenging for some. And I'll bet that some of the videographers they work alongside might not care as much about their work, or might just be a last minute "toss-in" for the couple so they may not have the experience or speed to be able to keep up or be mindful not to be in the way all the time. We are not that type of company. Our couples often budget as much or more for video as they do for photo because they know the tremendous value of having a great, detailed and well edited wedding video. Because we are more candid in our approach, we work in close proximity to the photographers to capture everything that unfolds "naturally" so working together as a team on equal levels with mutual respect is the best and only way to leave every couple with BOTH great photos AND a great video. --

DJs --- Ah, the DJ. They are just as important as anyone else. A great DJ can really make a party take off. The best way to find a DJ is through friends who've got married and have recommendations. Or maybe if you see one at a bridal show. Outside that, I have no idea how you find who's good or not. Fortunately, most DJs are pretty good. Some are better at being on the mic than others. On rare occasions, we've run into DJ's who admit to not like talking on the mic, and are only into playing music which always confuses me. I'm a fan of fun parties so I'm always a fan of a DJ who's fun and interactive and gets the guests on their feet and having a good time. At the end of the day, if you have guests itching to party, a good DJ will only help facilitate that. I also like working with DJs that communicate with us. So tell your DJ to communicate with your videographers and photographers to let them know when they're about to go into the "next main event" so they can be ready and rolling when it starts. Yes, we all have a timeline, but we also know those are guidelines more than timelines and things get thrown off schedule. Just a thought. ---

LIGHTING --- We are prepared for whatever kind of lighting you have at your reception. However, we can't simply flash you with light like a photographer can, so we have our own lights there ready to go if needed. But we also have to be conscious of the fact that a lot of hard work has gone into creating that ambiance or mood. Our lights are on dimmers and are not invasive.We simply have them there "just in case" for two reasons: to light the "main events" (eg. toasts, first dance, etc) and to be flattering so you guys look good on your video. Sometimes you'll end up paying extra to get great lighting from the venue or a DJ or an actual lighting company and I always appreciate that. Just know we're prepared for whatever the scene is. ---

FIRST LOOK vs. NO FIRST LOOK --- This is a total personal choice. There is no right or wrong. There are advantages to both. Most photographers will recommend a first look because then you'll get more photos since you two will be together longer. Makes sense, right? I'm a bit old fashioned and when I got married I didn't see my wife before she walked down the aisle. I didn't think anything of it until the moment it happened and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. The music changes, everyone stands, the doors opened and I was like "Holy Crap!" There she was looking unbelievable and it took my breath away. Because we shoot video, seeing the split second reaction of a groom in that moment is something that photos can't always capture. Unless of course the groom breaks down for several minutes. But sometimes guys aren't that sensitive. But trust me, there's always a reaction and it's so awesome to catch on video. You can sort of recreate that with a first look but it's just not quite the same. So yeah, I like no first look. And I feel like you CAN still get tons of photos together, it's just all about planning accordingly. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by not planning a first look and then leaving yourself with 30 minutes of daylight after the ceremony to get family AND personal photos done. Plan a bit of extra time and you'll be good to go! But it's a total personal choice and I've seem some really great first looks to be fair so you'll be good either way. Know when the sun sets and know that the hour before it sets is the best time to shoot because the lighting makes everyone look great and there are no harsh shadows anymore. The number one cause of stress at a wedding is schedule. Well, that and family...but I won't go there. :) But if you have a well scheduled event and a photographer and coordinator that can keep you on time, then it's amazing how much you can accomplish and how enjoyable the whole day can be. You may never get to eat because so many people are gonna wanna talk with you. You may never even pee because before you know it the day will be over. But the best thing about having a great videographer there is that no matter what you miss, we'll be there to capture it all because trust me, when it's all over you'll probably say "that went by so fast!". Hopefully this helps you a bit. There's a lot more to say but I'll save that for if/when we meet.

Q: What's with your name, All Because He Asked?

A: When I first started doing this back in 2007, I had no idea it would become my full time job and passion. The year I started shooting weddings on the side is also the year I married to my beautiful wife, Danielle. During that engagement, as you know, things can sometimes get a little crazy. At one point my wife's first choice of bridesmaid dresses went out of stock and her 2nd choice came in with the wrong cut or something like that. I remember it being very stressful and upsetting to her at the time. With all the drama surrounding one little issue and with so many other things to think about for this one little day in September, I remember at one point thinking: "wow, all this craziness because I asked her a single question...will you marry me?" It's amazing how many things that one tiny little question puts into action. Venues, food, guests, "the list", dress, tux, bridal party, flowers, lighting, photographer, videographer, makeup, hair, gifts, rings, wedding dates, DJs, music...the list goes on and on. So when I started my company I decided to name it "All Because He Asked". It's the name of my personal story of my own wedding. It was a temporary name but it ended up sticking when my first few brides said they loved the name. They probably thought it was a sweet little name trying to be catchy...little did they know it really means "All (this craziness) Because He (that being me) Asked" Here we are years later and my wife now won't let me change it even if I wanted to. And I do whatever she tells me to. ;)

One final note on Wedding Jamie H.

You may have noticed the little tagline on our home page. "If you could see your parent's Wedding pictures or a beautiful Video of their Wedding, which would you choose?" Slightly cheesy? Yes. But at the same time it remains a very important concept. About 15 years ago I was floored to find out my parents have a Wedding Video. It was AWESOME to see them on video moving around at that age and interacting with friends and family and ended up being one of the things that fueled my interest in Wedding Videos. The other thing that fuels me is the huge personal reward from knowing I've helped create a video that will be cherished for a lifetime. Great pictures are timeless and irreplaceable, but I'd like to see a picture replay those unforgettable vows, that hilarious toast, the way he/she held you close and danced your first dance, or that priceless footage of the maid-of-honor passing out hugging a trash can just as midnight approaches (I've shot that before...good stuff). The videos you see on our site were most likely shot a while ago and since then we have only got better. Its my goal to give you the very best video possible at the most competitive price. You can see the picture of me and my wife and our son (taken late 2015) on the ABOUT page, and that family is why I push myself to make every single wedding video the best one we've ever done. One day you all might have kids and when you do, what you do for a living will take on a whole new meaning. I treat each and every video as if it were my own because for me it's way more than a business, it's personal.