Our Wedding - LIVE!

Event date: 
Saturday, December 21, 2019
Santa Clarita, CA
Hart High School
9am, 1145am, 230pm, 515pm

Welcome to the Wedding/Event Live Stream Page! This video does not always auto-play. Please REFRESH your browser! IMPORTANT: Because of a lack of signal in this venue, we are required to live stream from the very back in hopes we get a signal strong enough to stream without issues. Please note that you MUST have a high speed connection (not 3G) in order to view this stream. Also, there will be a time during the ceremony WHEN WE NEED TO POWER DOWN THE CAMERA TO SWAP BATTERIES. The signal will cut out momentarily. After a minute or so, refresh your browser over and over until we're back online. We'll be back online as soon as possible following our battery change. Thank you for your understanding! .... Also, check out our Live Stream FAQ's for more info and device requirements so you can watch live without buffering or other video or audio issues. Also, this venue unfortunately does NOT have wired internet access, so we are streaming this event wirelessly which may result in occasional interference or signal drops. For our Weddings, we offer MANY upgrade options with our live stream packages including the following:

  • Two (2) Camera Live Stream - See the Processional from the FRONT, and close-ups of the bride or groom throughout the Ceremony!
  • Three (3) Camera Live Stream w/ Full Audio Mix - The Ultimate Experience. Best video & audio option (with multiple wireless mics)
  • Custom Pre-roll and Aerial Coverage - Start with a slideshow or video for your guests. Add aerial (drone) coverage LIVE overhead!

***Thank you for visiting! Weddings and other Events often start a bit late but don't worry, we'll go live as soon as it starts. REFRESH your browser often just in case! Again, visit our Live Stream FAQ link above and Contact Us for more info on streaming your event live in HD! ENJOY!!