Sample Wedding Videos

City: Beverly Hills, CA
Venue: Greystone Mansion & SLS Hotel

This Hollywood couple had such a fun wedding. Their beautiful first dance song (used at the beginning of this video) was written specifically for them and every lyric holds special meaning in their "story".

City: Wolf, Wyoming
Venue: Eatons Ranch

Beautiful green landscape and horses as far as the eye can see. This picturesque dude ranch in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming was so awesome. Even the small plane you have to take to get there is an adventure. You know you're on a small plane when the captain turns around from his seat which is in plain view and says "sit back, relax, and enjoy the turbulence." Unforgettable trip. Awesome wedding. Two of the coolest people we've ever had the pleasure of shooting.

City: Santa Monica, CA
Venue: Fairmont Miramar Hotel

I love this family. They put on some of the best and most beautiful weddings. We shot the bride's sister's wedding too and the only thing that makes me sad is they've run out of sisters.

City: Lake Forest, CA
Venue: Lake Forest Beach & Tennis Club

Some weddings bring together more than just two people.

City: Laguna Beach, CA
Venue: Surf & Sand Resort
City: Laguna Beach, CA
Venue: The Montage Laguna Beach

Another prime example of how August in California is beautiful when you're on the beach!

City: Moorpark, CA
Venue: Eden Gardens

This is a perfect example of a moment when you realize video will always capture what photos cannot. The groom's reaction to seeing the bride for the first time was simply a deep breath. But behind that breath was so much...and good luck grabbing that breath in a photo.

City: San Clemente, CA
Venue: Bella Collina Towne and Golf Club

Talk about talent! Amy is a proud member of the USA Women's Olympic Soccer team! And the groom almost made the Olympics himself in water polo! Wow. Imagine their kids!! HA!

City: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Venue: Zoomars Petting Zoo

Jaclyn and Skylar are both professional ballet dancers in Canada. They asked us to hide and film their unforgettable proposal and when they said it was at a petting zoo, how could we resist. :)

City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Venue: St. Timothy's Church & Dove Canyon Courtyard

Jamie is the owner and lead Videographer of All Because He Asked. Danielle is the lead photographer with All Because He Asked. They met in High School. Their first date was Senior Prom. Next thing you know they're married with 3 kids. They started All Because He Asked in 2007, the same year they got married. This is their Wedding Video. They didn't film it obviously. Their drunk friends did. But hey, they still love it in all it's Standard Definition glory!